• What is the TOEFL® iBT test?

    The TOEFL® iBT (Internet Based Test) takes approximately 4½ hours and measures reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It is taken on computer 30-40 times a year at test centres throughout the world.

    The TOEFL® iBT test has a new Speaking section, which includes independent and integrated tasks (Note taking is allowed throughout the entire test).

    The Listening section contains questions that measure the understanding of attitude, degree of certainty, and purpose of spoken texts.

    The Reading section has questions that ask test takers to categorize information and fill in a chart or complete a summary.

    And finally, the Writing section requires typing. There is an integrated task in addition to independent tasks.

    The grammar is tested on questions and tasks in each section.

  • Is the new test really different?

    The TOEFL® iBT test uses an entirely new approach. For the first time ever, the TOEFL® test will assess your ability to integrate English skills and to communicate about what you read and hear.

  • Is the internet-based test more difficult?

    The TOEFL® iBT Reading and Listening sections are not dramatically different from those in the TOEFL® PBT test.

    The integrated tasks on the TOEFL® iBT Speaking and Writing sections may be considered more challenging because they are new to test takers. However, to succeed academically in English-speaking colleges and universities, students need to be able to combine their language skills in the classroom.

    The integrated tasks in the new test will help learners build the confidence needed to communicate in the academic environments they plan to enter.

  • When will the TOEFL® iBT be introduced in my country?

    Rather than delivering the TOEFL® iBT in every location within a country, ETS is introducing the iBT in selected cities in specific countries. You already can see a list of TOEFL® iBT locations and dates on our website, by visiting www.ets.org/toefl under the "Find Test Locations and Dates" section.

  • How will I know when my test centre is transitioning to the TOEFL® iBT?

    The TOEFL® iBT Test locations and dates list reachable via the following link www.ets.org/toefl, under the "Find Test Locations and Dates" section.TOEFL® iBT introduction dates have not yet been set for some countries. When these countries are ready to implement the TOEFL® iBT, a message will be posted on this website.

  • What is the TOEFL® PBT test?

    TOEFL® PBT (Paper Based Test) measures listening, structure (grammar), reading and writing and takes approximately 3½ hours. It is given using paper and pencil 6 times a year at test centres where TOEFL® iBT is not available. The test mostly contains multiple-choice questions and a 30 minutes essay.

  • How much longer will TOEFL® PBT testing be available in my country?

    The TOEFL® iBT is being introduced in selected cities in a country as test centres become available. At the same time, the TOEFL® PBT testing is being retained to ensure that there is sufficient capacity for all who want to test.

    ETS will maintain the PBT version of the test in locations where the TOEFL® iBT has not yet been introduced.

    To see which version is available in your living area, please visit www.ets.org/toefl under the "Find Test Locations and Dates" section.

  • What about the TOEFL® CBT test?

    The computer-based test is not available anymore.

  • How much does the TOEFL cost?

    It costs US $130 to take the CBT TOEFL. You can pay with a credit card or check. You can go to the Official TOEFL page for more info about how to pay, etc.

  • How can I register for the TOEFL?

    You can download a free copy of the information bulletin at the official TOEFL web site.

  • How long will it take for me to get my TOEFL score?

    If we type the essay, TOEFL will mail the score about two weeks after the test. If we handwrite the essay, they will take longer. Sometimes, TOEFL takes up to five weeks to mail the scores since it is easier to lose a handwritten essay. Sometimes they "misplace" a handwritten essay and it takes them longer to find it. However, TOEFL has recently started converting all handwritten TOEFL essays to digital images, resulting in few if any lost TOEFL essays.